Point of six TOHO GAKUEN


Title of "Diploma" is given by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan when we graduate from TOHO GAKUEN.

TOHO GAKUEN is "technical school" in response to the authorization from Tokyo of Japan. Graduate of TOHO GAKUEN which met standard that Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan determined is given title of "Diploma" at the time of graduation. If there are any titles of "Diploma", employment in Japan is enabled and can take entrance examination for admission for transfer students to university, too (in accordance with standard of each university).


We carry out education specialized in the entertainment industry.

TOHO GAKUEN carries out education that we specialized in the entertainment industry including TV radio, movie, animation, voice actor, concert, music, sound, entertainment. We bring up active lecturers, human resources who can play an active part in studio, facilities, machine parts, training-centered curriculum as adaptable fighting potential of professional specifications playing an active part on the site.


School building is in Shinjuku where access is convenient for entertainment spot.

"We quit LUMINE the, and, in Shinjuku area with TOHO GAKUEN, the cause" and live house, various entertainment spots including movie theater are prepared. In addition, access is convenient to go to where in Tokyo from Shinjuku.


As connection with the industry company is strong, it is advantageous to employment and debut! Many graduates are playing an active part in the world of entertainment.

TOHO GAKUEN is school created from the spot of entertainment that school which the education-related business headquarters established in TBS was established as forerunner. We utilize strong connection with the industry company which we cultivated during tradition and history and wide network and every year many graduates find a job in the world of entertainment and make our debut. Graduate more than 50,000 people. Most are playing an active part in the world of entertainment.


Foreign student learns from all the countries of the world in TOHO GAKUEN.

Foreign students learning in TOHO GAKUEN gather from all the countries of the world including Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, United States Russia Malaysia Singapore Thailand and aim at the world of entertainment.


TOHO GAKUEN can enroll using EJU scholarship (admission, learning encouragement costs before visit to Japan).

As TOHO GAKUEN is admission proofreading before visit to Japan, person taking an entrance examination for TOHO GAKUEN using Examination for Japanese University admission for International Students (EJU) can use "in front of visit to Japan admission" and system of "learning encouragement costs" (classman).

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    April 25 Sunday ・May 9 Sunday

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    April 24 Saturday ・May 15 Saturday

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