Student apartment, student dormitory (foreign student)

Student apartment

In TOHO GAKUEN, foreign student feels relieved and better room-finding is possible and cooperates with "najikku student information center". Please refer for foreign student hoping for student apartment as follows.

Inquiry, consultation:

[najikku] Student information center Shinjuku store
〒160-0023 1-22-15, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo gurafio the seventh floor of Nishishinjuku
It is +81-3-5909-5749+81-3-5909-5749 from foreign countries

■POINT1 brokerage fee 30% off
Expense at the time of contract is held down.
Entering reservation is possible even for POINT2 several months
"Pass" Lodging reservation, contract is done early since we did and is reliable.
■It is from POINT3 foreign countries, and contact by Web application and email is possible
As information in Web is substantial, even from foreign countries inquiry of article can contract.
■POINT4 foreign student is joint surety-free
Joint surety becomes needless by using designated guarantee company.
※Renewal 10,000 yen/year is necessary at the time of update at the time of contract in guarantee charges 20,000 yen/year.
■There is no the POINT5 closing time! Staying of family and friend is possible
There is no closing time unlike student dormitory. In addition, admission of family and friend from own country is possible, too.
Use of Internet is possible from POINT6 entering day
We can use from the day when we entered even if we do not construct the Internet.
※Monthly basis fee is needed separately.
■POINT7 furniture, household appliances rental is possible
In the case of hope, we will install furniture, household appliances.
※Setting expense, rental expense is needed separately.
■There is POINT8 student apartment with meal
If there is mini-kitchen in room, but there is "restaurant" depending on article, and hope; weekdays of breakfast, dinner include two meals, and can contract with.
※Even if there is day when we did not use restaurant, there are not daily rate adjustments.

TOHO GAKUEN-designated student dormitory

We cooperate with management, "Kyoritsu Maintenance" running of student dormitory for foreign student in TOHO GAKUEN and establish TOHO GAKUEN-designated student dormitory. Please refer for foreign student hoping for student dormitory as follows. As it becomes fully occupied, and place to close application is in early time depending on dormitory, we recommend early application.

Inquiry, consultation:

〒101-8621 2-18-8, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
It is +81-3-5295-7889+81-3-5295-7889 from foreign countries

Apartment apartment

In addition, we can introduce real estate company with advantageous discount privilege to foreign student hoping for apartment apartment. For more details, please refer to Admission Office.

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