Studying abroad life guide

TOHO GAKUEN Institute International Student Suppor Center

In TOHO GAKUEN, a lot of foreign students from all the countries of the world learn. Foreign student adviser and the staff of International Student Suppor Center that it is stationed at each school to support student life in Japan of such a foreign student.
Foreign student ranges from entrance to school to graduation; provide consultation. In International Student Suppor Center, we perform support of studying abroad life, legal procedure support such as residence status changes from introduction of support, apartment and student dormitory to improve Japanese ability, holding of exchange meeting with graduate, "studying abroad" to "working".


TOHO GAKUEN Institute is technical school of the Tokyo authorization. We are given title of "Diploma" at the time of graduation when we complete 2-year specialty course. If there are any qualifications of "Diploma", we can find a job in Japan.

About Tokyo

As for the TOHO GAKUEN, school buildings gather in the Shinjuku neighborhood of Tokyo. It is from Shinjuku to where in Tokyo, and access is convenient. Using means of transportation such as train or subway, we can go to Shibuya, Harajuku, Odaiba, Roppongi, Akihabara, Ikebukuro.

Student apartment

In TOHO GAKUEN, foreign student feels relieved and better room-finding is possible and cooperates with "najikku student information center". Please refer for foreign student hoping for student apartment as follows.

Inquiry, consultation

〒160-0023 1-22-15, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo gurafio the seventh floor of Nishishinjuku
It is +81-3-5909-5749 from foreign countries

TOHO GAKUEN-designated student dormitory

We cooperate with management, "Kyoritsu Maintenance" running of student dormitory for foreign student in TOHO GAKUEN and establish TOHO GAKUEN-designated student dormitory. Please refer for foreign student hoping for student dormitory as follows.
As it becomes fully occupied, and place to close application is in early time depending on dormitory, we recommend early application.

Inquiry, consultation

〒101-8621 2-18-8, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
It is +81-3-5295-7889 from foreign countries

Apartment apartment

We can introduce real estate company with advantageous discount privilege to foreign student hoping for apartment apartment. For more details, please refer to Admission Office.

TOHO GAKUEN Admission Office 0120-343-2610120-343-261

Attending school commuter pass

Foreign student of TOHO GAKUEN can purchase attending school commuter pass (rate that is lower than usual) of train, bus for attending school.

Part-time job

Foreign student can work part-time until 28 hours by acquiring "activity authorization out of the qualification" a week. In our school with many training classes, please just consult by subject as coexistence of part-time job and studies may be difficult.

Japanese support

TOHO GAKUEN has "Japanese lecture" that business Japanese can learn. It is intended to learn Japanese conversation and manner necessary to look for a job in Japan. It is recommended to person who wants to improve Japanese power.

Graduate network

Alumni association organization "TOHO KAI" of TOHO GAKUEN. There are job offer and audition information sent only to this school from many graduates playing an active part in the front line of the entertainment industry, and width in chance spreads.

Open campus Open Campus

  • Let's experience simulated class! Experience-based entrance to school

    April 25 Sunday ・May 9 Sunday

  • Visit to school building is OK, too! Person wanting to hear only explanation casually is this! School briefing session

    April 24 Saturday ・May 15 Saturday

  • Various online open campuses

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